28 February 2010

Interview With Glenn

Last week I had this kid called Glenn ask if I'd do an interview for his school journalism project. I jumped at the opportunity. Glenn was a cool kid.

Glenn: Did you know that the dudes in Tupac Shakur's group (Outlawz) put his ashes in a joint and smoked him?
MoB: Yeah, I heard about that.

Would you toke on 2-Pac?
Nah, probably not. I didn't respect him enough.

Who would you smoke then?
That's a hard one. That reminds me of Bill Hicks' joke about rolling a cigarrette with Claudia Schiffer's pussy. Yeah, so probably Bill Hicks. He'd like that.

I don't know him.
How old are you, 16?

I'm 15
Oh, keep your eyes open and you'll come across him sooner or later.

So why do you do a blog?
Because I can't communcate with people. I hate standing around talking to people, pretending I care about thier idiot existence. Looking in their faces, smiling, they piss me off, like looking at you right now you little bastard.

Yeah, woah.

Are you okay?
No I'm not okay - this whole set up is wrong! Fuck this, fuck your project. Get the hell out of here! Leave me the fuck alone...

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