01 February 2010

Lane-way AK

I've spent a cigarette-less day listening to 95bfm's live simulcast of the Auckland Laneway festival. It's kinda refreshing listening  to a festival instead of actually having to be there: the dickheads, scenesters, annoying groups of girls, shirtless dickheads, dumb security, dickheads. It's a drag just thinking about it. NZ'ers get rather excited about festivals. 

Highlight was Daniel Johnston being 'interviewed' by Matt Crawley. I used to go to high school with Matt. DJ sounded like an excited little boy. The reformed 3D's doing Hey Seuss and Beautiful Things was cool, singer David Mitchell is a cracked artist from the deep south. They're playing live as I write this and  sound like they never went away. The low-light was those terrible faux brit-indie wannabes Cut Off Your Hands; I'd gladly suffer three bad NZ dub bands over those poseurs. So there. 

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  1. dude, why don't you write long rambling blog entries like everyone else? Try being more self conscious if you want ppl to read your shithouse blog



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