31 July 2010

Scul Hazzards @ the Tote 31.07.10

See, not everyone went to the Super Wild Horses launch

29 July 2010

Silverbits Cassette Launch

Here's a flyer I made for Melbourne trio Silverbits' cassette launch. I'm putting it out on a tape label  called Full On Idle. More to come.  

22 July 2010

Sonic Youth. Auckland Town Hall, NZ. 26.09.98

From the Thousand Leaves tour. Not their best album but a decent show with a very rowdy encore. How nerdy is the detail on this list? While on tour in July '99, SY's rental van and equipment were stolen and they lost all those guitars.

21 July 2010

Menstruation Sisters

The first record I ever bought on ebay was The Menstruation Sisters' Holy Africa 45. It came out in 2005 on White Denim, an experimental / noise label from Pennsylvania. White Denim recently  put out the Mi Ami LP that I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to get anyone who'll listen into. 

The Menstruation Sisters are making a rare appearance this weekend in Melbourne so I just put Holy Africa on the platter and weirded out the whole house. The A-side has creepy Gremlin vocals with gradually rising cymbals and guitar squall. The B-side is better, with two shorter sketches of textural sound and a more hoarse Gremlin voice. Is the cover a symbol for the alien new world order? 

I dunno much about MS other than they're now a duo and feature, as always, Oren Ambarchi. Oren, 2002: "The Sisters come from a place where there is no language and no technique. One-string, Minnie Ripperton, a footprint, intuitive chants and two tree trunks." If that leaves you confused, check this illuminating live footage.

If you remain confused, this instructional video may be of help.  

17 July 2010

Home Blitz MIx Tape

I'm on a Home Blitz / Daniel DiMaggio bender this weekend. If you're interested in the man's influences, check his mix-tape, complete with song notes, here.  There's some unusual things bumping up against each other on this one, but it's very listen-able from the half I've heard so far.

15 July 2010

The New Folk Implosion. Corner Hotel, Melbourne. 18.06.03

Lou Barlow got real drunk on red wine for the encore...

14 July 2010

Golden Sounds Beyond Reproach

Move Over Bitches has been listening to music! The top three contestants (excluding the LOL/ROTFL/WTF/OMG new single from Beaches) are listed below.

Needed to kill myself this morning but put on Out Of Phase by Home Blitz instead. It's a musical opera of skateboard grind tunes for the dim-witted; meaning I am gobsmakingly in random fandom of its post-design design. You will be too if you just take the time. It's like Bruce Springsteen finally did it with the pre-cum-post-punk cognoscenti. 

The new Home Blitz 45, Perpetual Night, is the most spun and dried piece of plastic in my house and since a house is not a home, go here and see if you don't think the same. Single of the half-year. Where was I last year when I thought I could quit listening to rubbish music like this cos it'd all been done by someone like...

If I was a girl, and I wish I was more than you know, I'd be hard for Tyson Segall. Looks like he's dating a unicorn rug though. I was pretty x-cited to get a hold of this dude's third album, Melted (In The Red records). If you bit deep into last year's Lemons, me thinks you'll find Melted to be a vomit inducing wonderland of pop-psych spunk. Catchy songs, guitar overload, single key piano and hand claps on every corner. Is it the best thing he's done? Probably. Word to the Mama's and Papa's cos this kid's got the goods. 

That thing over there on the left is a cassette tape by a band from Ontario, Canada, called Holy Cobras. Its four songs explore the annals of corporate responsibility using technology developed in the production of unmanned drones. You'll appreciate this OOP tape being available as a guilt-free listen/ download at this site. Get into it dicks. 

13 July 2010

12 July 2010

UV verses US

Getting excited about others people's achievements/happiness is not in vogue but I can't help feeling heavy emotions for the  U.V Race and thier August/Sept tour of USofA. This is a big win for regional Victoria.

06 July 2010

Sonny And The Sunsets

I could write about how superlative this band / album / art concept is, but can't be arsed and figure youz wouldn't read it anyway. It's ridiculous that this, the Sunsets debut album, was only pressed in an edition of 500. Sure, the CD is probably still available, but argh, WTF! I missed out and you probably did too so here, take this link and go do good. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Post-posting update: A little label called Future Stress has just this moment put out a new Sunsets 45. It's called The Hypnotist and it comes with a comic written and illustrated by Sonny Smith himself. Go over there and buy one. I did.

>>>>>>>Post-post posting update: Tomorrow Is Alright has apparently been repressed and is available directly from Soft Abuse. The above album link has been put to death. Viva vinyl. 


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