08 February 2010

Give Me Back My Name

This past weekend I went to a house party and took a few cheap shots from people (idiots) who have a problem with me changing the name of this blog. As if they even read it on a regular basis! They were acting like they’d taken out subscriptions on it or something. So here it is: I’m the editor of this here portal so I make the editorial decisions and if that means changing the name from The Human Being Lawnmower to The Curious Sphincter to Plus Size Model to Move Over Bitches, then so be it.

Now for a trip down memory lane…

When I was eight I used to go over to my friends house, eat yoghurt and make extravagant Hot Wheels racing tracks off the top bunk. Matthew’s parents were real loose; they played strange music at a volume my parents would never tolerate. One record that always seemed to be blaring was Talking Heads’ Little Creatures. They would play it so loud I could hear it in the back yard. Compared to what my parents played it was weird and scary and exhilarating.

Whenever I hear David Byrnes’ ‘hey!’ start off And She Was I’m immediately taken back to that yellow house overlooking the park. I grew to love that album; I still pull it out occasionally and am surprised how fun and larger than life it is. Compared to their earlier stuff it’s a world away - they’d left the art gallery and found themselves in a travelling carnival. It’s perfect birthday party music for eight year olds.

There’s a quirky song on side one called Give Me Back My Name and since this post is about names and all, that’s what jumped into my head and that’s why I just wrote all this junk that you just read. Sucker.

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