03 May 2011

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16 February 2011


That's Kurt Vile to you. Don't he just look like Neil Young in the gatefold photo of After The Goldrush? 

I dunno how I know cos the thing ain't on the streets for a good few weeks but Smoke Ring For My Halo is all kinds of good things = a welcome reprieve  from the dissapointment /  failure that was his official de-butt (sic) LP, Childish Prodigy. 

Matador records have a way of scooping 'em up from obsurity and draining all the energy and excitement out of them (Jay Retard RIP), yet Mr. Vile has perservered and given us Smoke Ring, a record where he sings: 
"I bet by now you probably think that I'm a puppet to the man...you best believe that I am."  


21 January 2011

14 January 2011

13 January 2011

06 January 2011

mediocrity rulz man

  • went to see Peaches the other night tho I'm not much of a follower so drank flat beer slowly 
  • while JD Sampson played a terrible opening DJ set of yuck techno that I needed pills to enjoy and didn't have. 
But I dig JD - she's cool and reminded me how much I love her earlier band, Le Tigre, and especially their 2000 EP called From The Desk Of Mr. Lady. If this little thing is all Le Tigre ever did than that'd be enuf for this queer.  People who I hate who need their 'art' to 'go somewhere' or make some kind of enormous farting statement will need to die quickly please. An over-looked gem.
Kathleen, call me. 


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