26 February 2010

Negative Guest List

The Negative Guest List is a Brisbane zine run by a misanthrope punk called Brendon Annesley. I think that’s him on the cover. Why not put yourself on the cover? In the pharmacy (buying extra large condoms) I took the opportunity to paint him up with a bit of gloss and blush. He looks more presentable in rouge.

All that’s nice, but Brendon can’t edit for shit. I think he knocks these out pretty quickly; this must be a few months old by now, who knows, fanzine writers rarely put dates on their work. Issue six is a subversive manifesto of punk rock self-loathing with two major highlights:

1. The page three girl is Fabulous Jarrod Diamonds who, incidentally, has been listening to Lou Reed’s Coney Island Baby for breakfast. FJD calls Melbourne trio Woollen Kits ‘pointless...a carbon copy of Beat Happening.’ A few pages later there’s an interview with Woollen Kits who answer the dreaded ‘influences’ question with: ‘It all started with Beat Happening’! Jarrod, take a bow. If I was the editor of a shit-can photostat zine and got one band to slander another band, only to have that other band actually confirm-in the same issue-said fact, what an indie haterz scoop!

2. The best words here are from DX (drummer, writer, Stained Circles label honcho). It’s a random list of stuff ticking 'round inside his brain, from football to new social media. I actually read it twice - a surprisingly humble rant from a guy I find really inspiring.

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