16 February 2011


That's Kurt Vile to you. Don't he just look like Neil Young in the gatefold photo of After The Goldrush? 

I dunno how I know cos the thing ain't on the streets for a good few weeks but Smoke Ring For My Halo is all kinds of good things = a welcome reprieve  from the dissapointment /  failure that was his official de-butt (sic) LP, Childish Prodigy. 

Matador records have a way of scooping 'em up from obsurity and draining all the energy and excitement out of them (Jay Retard RIP), yet Mr. Vile has perservered and given us Smoke Ring, a record where he sings: 
"I bet by now you probably think that I'm a puppet to the man...you best believe that I am."  



Stevie Nicks' pageboy

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