02 February 2010

Sonny and the Sunsets. Strange Love / Death Cream 45

Pat at Sunshine and Grease switched me onto these guys and I can honestly say my life is better for it. When I first got it I put it on every morning before I went to work. It makes me feel good like pop music is supposed to. This debut 45 is completely brilliant and makes a strong challenge on Thee Oh Sees’ Tidal Wave for 45 of 2009. What can I say about this? Strange Love is heartfelt pop with doo-wop harmony, lovely old piano and handclaps. J. Richman is an influence here, but Sonny’s (twisted) lyrical honesty and vocal also remind me of the TV Personalities’ Dan Treacy. Y’know, the fuck-up outsider who never gets the girl…The flip Death Cream reminds me of the film Bigger Than Life where the teacher becomes addicted to cortisone cream and quickly loses his mind. Sonny’s version has a guy spreading a tube of 'death cream' on unsuspecting people around town like a diseased anti-hero. This 45 came with a cool illustrated fanzine-style booklet detailing Sonny’s struggles with vice and life - the man has seen some darkness.

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