02 March 2010

Gimme Indie Rock

Three score years ago I had this sweet little scam going with the FasterLouder website. Well aware they were total gunk, I offered to ‘professionally review’ some CD’s for them. They sent back a list of largely dire review CD’s and foolishly obliged my request for five at a time. Spoiler: I never wrote those five reviews. The next month another list came and again I cherry picked the best of the bunch. Five more CD’s arrived and five more reviews were unsent. This went on for months - I couldn’t believe how dumb they were.

One of those 15 free CD’s was Domino’s reissue of the Sebadoh III album. I’m not going to delve into the innards of the record, how hatefully angst ridden it’s leader Lou Barlow was, it’s varied style of tunes, great lyrics, production, etc. Dave Lang at the essential Lexicon Devil blog has done a good enough job for us there.

My anticipation of Lou Barlow’s free in-store at Missing Link this Friday (and with Dinosaur Jr at Golden Plains) has me appreciating this gem all over again. If throwaway neo-fuzz folk/punk, penned by a self-loathing nerd sounds good to you (and believe me, it is good), then track down Sebadoh III post haste.

As far as Dinosaur Jr goes, I’ve seen all three members in separate bands - Murph with The Lemonheads in 1997, J with The Fog in 2001 and Lou with The New Folk Implosion in 2003 – but never together. I’m excited to see if these old bastards still have it. Last year's Farm album suggests they do.

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  1. "Your new favorite, dope-smoking renaissance threesome - Sebadoh!"



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