09 August 2010

Guru: RIP

I was shocked to find out (by way the of the neighborhood graf below) that Guru of Gang Starr died from cancer in April. He was only 43. I first heard Gang Starr on student radio sometime in the mid-nineties. They had elements to them unlike any group I'd heard then or since: intelligent lyrics, flow, DJ Premier's beats and mix, etc. Their '91 LP Step In The Arena is one my favorite hip hop albums of the 'golden era'. Guru's voice is/was perfect. 

I'm strong / I'm like Hercules / you'll get hurt with these lines / close the curtains please

Silverbits tape

Thanks to everyone who came out to Sunshine & Grease for the Silverbits / Full On Idle tape launch last Saturday. I have a few left for sale ($5), or you can find them at Missing Link and Sunshine & Grease in Melbourne; Repressed Records (Sydney) and Vox Cyclops (Newcastle) by the end of the week. Dedicated blog coming soon.


Stevie Nicks' pageboy

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