22 February 2010

Oh My God, Shut Up, Are You Serious?!

If you, dear reader, had said to me not too long ago that I would still be at school beyond the age of thirty, I’d have killed myself years and years ago.

All this has no bearing upon myself wishing to conduct a short blab about Flying Saucer Attack. Formed in Bristol in whenever it was and then that girl left (maybe) and then it was just the guy all by himself. That’s all I know and that’s all I particularly care to know unless I have to interview him/her for Woman’s Weekly or something.

I used to work at a place where I could watch BBC news all night. Y’know, the same news updated on the ¼ hour situation. You don’t have to watch the BBC long to realise it’s basically the same as your grandma dribbling all over the carpet. If nothing has crashed or blown up by 04.00 GMT, all someone in the third world has to do is turn on an air-conditioner and its ‘breaking news’.

Anyway one night I watched the BBC with this dude who was into some pretty kooky music. Boring story short, he’s been nudging me toward Flying Saucer Attack for about 13 years, and I’ve always resisted for some reason. I couldn’t be fugged researching where to start with these Limeys, so I picked up Mirror by chance, slapped some cash on the barrelhead and dropped the needle. I’ve only listened to the first side (about ten times), but I love what I hear, it’s kinda time-lined for me in that Chicago / Tortoise / 1998-2000’s era.

F.S.A sound like a fish curry made from scratch.


  1. you are amaxzig . come to Phillipeeeeeens rock star!!>>

  2. wowooo you are amazing also, come to Norways spunky hunk boyy

  3. Oh, so sexy + me want to saucer attack you naughty boy you so bad//



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