18 February 2010

Don't Spook The Horse

I'm listening to Ragged Glory by Neil Young & his band of Crazy Horses. I dug it up yesterday in Bruce Milnes' vinyl clearance rack at Missing Link. Real nice copy for 15 clams. I was gonna buy it on CD years ago and I'm so glad I didn't. It's got Love And Only Love on it, which, I may be mistaken, he played as an encore (along with All Along The Watchtower) at Myer Bowl in Nov 2003.

So many words have been written about Neil it feels stupid tapping these keys with uninformed gunk. I've been dipping into his work for ten years now - staring with Harvest and Live Rust then onto Hawks & Doves and Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere. I haven't even heard Zuma yet. The best so far? That's a real tough question so early in the day, but for overall consistency, I'd have to side with On The Beach.

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