01 February 2010

Two Of The Best

That's Chris Knox belting out a tune with his band The Nothing at yesterday's Auckland Laneway fest. Considering he had a serious stroke just over six months ago, it's a pretty amazing sight to behold. For a man widely acknowledged to have a shocking sense of dress he actually looks the coolest I've ever seen him. 

'Everybody knows
that you got new clothes 
but aren't they the same old trash 
you used to wear'

-Toy Love, Swimming Pool

I've been listening to Chris's early band Toy Love today and I can't say enough good things about them. Check out the site for Stroke, a double album of Chris's songs sung, played and loved by some of the best in the indie world. 

Daniel Johnston at AK laneway. It makes me really happy to see these pictures (which I stole from the NZ Herald).

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