02 February 2010

The UV Race. Malaria / MASH / Good Money ...

Of all the bands doing the rounds in Melbourne right now, the UV Race are my favourites. For my taste, they have a perfect blend of honesty, (in)ability and attitude; they’ve even got their own fan club, blog and age-of-Aquarius philosophy. Lesser bands are jealous as hell, and why not? 
 The UV race remind me a bit of Cleveland's trash-can band the Electric Eels, only they aren’t obnoxious or delinquent or even that fucked up. It’s a paternal history that really shines through on their two 45's. 
With all that in mind, it's cool to see a label like San Fran’s S.S records releasing their 2nd single. Great mosquito blow-job cover eh? Malaria has singer Marcus buzzing like a mosquito while Al buzzes back with guitar. That’s it – that’s all you need. An ode to the TV show MASH, titled MASH, is pick of the bunch here and a live favourite while Good Money is pretty much a lyrical companion piece to Eddy Currents’ Insufficient Funds
 If you haven't heard this, skip it and go straight to UV's s/t debut album. It's a forward step to an even more unique sound, especially on the two quieter tunes, Stare Into The Whole and Driving In Our Car. I get the feeling it'll become a underground classic in a few decades or so, which sounds like a ridiculous thing to suggest, but listen...

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