16 March 2010

Divorce: The Juice Of Youth

Last week I wrote about a band from Glasgow called Divorce but it didn't make any sense cos I was on the crack pipe so I've cut out all the crap and now you're left with nothing but the dull, raw, aching facts. If you like No Wave, Big Black/Scratch Acid etc, check these girls (and a guy) out. They have my blessing. 

Divorce drummer Andy Browntown kindly provided answers to the three most important questions of modern times. He also recommended I include the Divorce MySpaz (which does their music no justice) and this live footage of Zombi.

Did you get your name from that Tammy Wynette song D.I.V.O.R.C.E?
Nope, our name didn't come from anything musical, it came from the legal process of terminating a marriage.

How did you get to be so good?
We paid a lot of money to a lot of people.

Do you guys ride bikes?
Some of us do, aye. VSO's [bass] '80s Tour de France white dog shite is a fixture on Glasgow's roads, running red lights & ploughing into crowds of scenesters.

Andy / Divorce =x=

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