11 March 2010

Wounded Lion. Carol Cloud / Pony People

I don’t know anything about this band except they come from LA and this is their first single. I haven’t made my mind up on the cover yet. It looks like it could be Arcade Fire dressed up as the cast of Wizard of Oz, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. This 45 sounds very cool coming through headphones. Much better than Waylon Jennings coming through headphones, believe me.

WL mix cool guitar tones with a solid backbeat and big old organ up front. I love the idea of not knowing anything about a band beyond their music; maintaining mystery is a difficult thing to do these days. I know this is gonna put you off, but Wounded Lion are kinda like a garage-punk version of Vampire Weekend. Can you even imagine how good a band like that would be? I already know you hate Vampire Weekend cos your friends said they were 'gay', 'soft', etc. School girls like Vampire Weekend and I like school girls and I like Wounded Lion and here's their self-made clip for Pony People.

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