06 July 2010

Sonny And The Sunsets

I could write about how superlative this band / album / art concept is, but can't be arsed and figure youz wouldn't read it anyway. It's ridiculous that this, the Sunsets debut album, was only pressed in an edition of 500. Sure, the CD is probably still available, but argh, WTF! I missed out and you probably did too so here, take this link and go do good. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Post-posting update: A little label called Future Stress has just this moment put out a new Sunsets 45. It's called The Hypnotist and it comes with a comic written and illustrated by Sonny Smith himself. Go over there and buy one. I did.

>>>>>>>Post-post posting update: Tomorrow Is Alright has apparently been repressed and is available directly from Soft Abuse. The above album link has been put to death. Viva vinyl. 


  1. future stress recordingsJuly 11, 2010 at 5:33 PM

    Thanks for supporting Sonny & the Sunsets!

    There are still copies left of the Sunsets' "The Hypnotist" EP on beautiful multi-colored vinyl...

    AVAILABLE NOW on {future stress recordings}

  2. Vinyl has been repressed: http://www.softabuse.com/catalog/SAB039.html



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