27 June 2010

The Brian Jonestown Massacre Lament

I don’t have much interest in The Brian Jonestown Massacre but this afternoon, cold and miserable, I put on their 2004 album…And This Is Our Music and felt much better for it.

Like most people, I got pulled toward these guys by the hype of that split personality documentary, Dig! My favourite album of theirs is Thank God For Mental Illness. I don’t know why. I can’t even remember any of the songs. Maybe it’s not. I can’t really say. I just wanted to update this sad little blog with some sad little thoughts. Boo hoo. 

In 2005 or so I skipped class and went up to Gaslight Records to catch a reported in-store the band was going to play. It never happened. Anton Alfred Newcombe was MIA, last seen in St Kilda. Anton is the boss. He is a douche. He likes the Church. I don't mind the Church. Anyway, that was the day of the night they played an apparently god awful gig at The Hi Fi Bar. I'm glad I wasn’t there. Were You? 



Stevie Nicks' pageboy

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