14 July 2010

Golden Sounds Beyond Reproach

Move Over Bitches has been listening to music! The top three contestants (excluding the LOL/ROTFL/WTF/OMG new single from Beaches) are listed below.

Needed to kill myself this morning but put on Out Of Phase by Home Blitz instead. It's a musical opera of skateboard grind tunes for the dim-witted; meaning I am gobsmakingly in random fandom of its post-design design. You will be too if you just take the time. It's like Bruce Springsteen finally did it with the pre-cum-post-punk cognoscenti. 

The new Home Blitz 45, Perpetual Night, is the most spun and dried piece of plastic in my house and since a house is not a home, go here and see if you don't think the same. Single of the half-year. Where was I last year when I thought I could quit listening to rubbish music like this cos it'd all been done by someone like...

If I was a girl, and I wish I was more than you know, I'd be hard for Tyson Segall. Looks like he's dating a unicorn rug though. I was pretty x-cited to get a hold of this dude's third album, Melted (In The Red records). If you bit deep into last year's Lemons, me thinks you'll find Melted to be a vomit inducing wonderland of pop-psych spunk. Catchy songs, guitar overload, single key piano and hand claps on every corner. Is it the best thing he's done? Probably. Word to the Mama's and Papa's cos this kid's got the goods. 

That thing over there on the left is a cassette tape by a band from Ontario, Canada, called Holy Cobras. Its four songs explore the annals of corporate responsibility using technology developed in the production of unmanned drones. You'll appreciate this OOP tape being available as a guilt-free listen/ download at this site. Get into it dicks. 

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  1. move over bitches is my favourite blog in the whole suburb. you are so spectacular!



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