21 July 2010

Menstruation Sisters

The first record I ever bought on ebay was The Menstruation Sisters' Holy Africa 45. It came out in 2005 on White Denim, an experimental / noise label from Pennsylvania. White Denim recently  put out the Mi Ami LP that I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to get anyone who'll listen into. 

The Menstruation Sisters are making a rare appearance this weekend in Melbourne so I just put Holy Africa on the platter and weirded out the whole house. The A-side has creepy Gremlin vocals with gradually rising cymbals and guitar squall. The B-side is better, with two shorter sketches of textural sound and a more hoarse Gremlin voice. Is the cover a symbol for the alien new world order? 

I dunno much about MS other than they're now a duo and feature, as always, Oren Ambarchi. Oren, 2002: "The Sisters come from a place where there is no language and no technique. One-string, Minnie Ripperton, a footprint, intuitive chants and two tree trunks." If that leaves you confused, check this illuminating live footage.

If you remain confused, this instructional video may be of help.  

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