13 June 2010

Fugazi Gush

So Fugazi are perhaps, maybe, probably, most likely the best band I have yet to discover in this world we share together. I could go on and on about my feelings toward them. For brevity, just know that for me, they embody everything that's desirable in a band. I pull them out of the stack occasionally and never fail to be in awe of their mastery, not just in the music they make (made?) but their philosophy/ideology. 

There's tons of unofficial Fugazi bootlegs out there. This weekend I found both the best quality recording and best performance yet. It's from the Irving Plaza, NYC 5/4/95 and you can get it here in parts One and Two. As always the band play songs from their entire discography, with the first part covering mostly material from Steady Diet Of Nothing to Red Medicine. There's lots of caustic and funny banter from Guy. 

When I first went to England I met a guy who had taped two Fugazi shows from '88 & '90 himself. These were the dark pre-download days so I jumped at the chance to dub them. I remember  my friends at the bottom of the world listening to them and freaking out. 

I finally got to see Fugazi in June '97. Twice. After the Auckland show I  drove 492 kilometers to see them in Wellington the next night. They are two of my favorite gigs ever and going to them was one of the better decisions I've made. 

Meeting your heroes is generally not advisable, but Fugazi were cool tourists. 

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