26 April 2010

Johnny & Malcolm

"Malcolm McLaren...the bourgeoisie anarchist. That just about sums him up."
Johnny Rotten, 1978. 

"What I liked about Rotten was the character he played. As a guy, he was a total waste of time, a complete fraud." 
Malcolm McLaren, 1984.

"The man is a pathological liar."
Johnny Rotten, on Malcolm McLaren, 1984.

"People always talk about me as a plunderer, a pirate, a plagiarist, but if they'd have said that to Picasso when he tried to imitate African art and he didn't know weather it came from Nigeria, Kenya or Timbuctoo, he would have said he didn't give a fuck. And why should he?"
Malcolm McLaren, 1984.

"I went to see Malcolm do his 'Buffalo Gals' live. It was a joke. So Bad. Ludicrous. If ever I had to queue up to leave a venue..."
Johnny Rotten, 1983.  

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